Monday, June 21, 2010


I found the best brownies in Seoul. Trust me. I may enjoy a good cupcake from time to time, and that "time to time" may in fact be several times a week, but I am a true brownie connoisseur. Even in the states, it can be hard to find brownies that aren't too dry or cake-like--homemade is best, but, as much as I love 'em, eating an entire pan of brownies alone isn't good for anyone. Sure, I can "share" them with my boyfriend, but we both know that means he eats one and I eat nine. Not that that's an option for me now, since my apartment, like the majority in Seoul, has a stove-top and no oven.

I digress.

If you like brownies, go to Gourmet in Samcheongdong. The brownies there are soft and moist and topped with almonds, and each bite delivers a punch of high-quality cocoa. They are good by any standard. They also have treats like black olive ciabattas and tomato and mozzarella bread encrusted with rosemary. Plus, their perishable food section is an amusing hodge podge of random items for a place that clearly strives to live up to its name--sure, the French chocolates qualify as "gourmet," as do the fancy cheeses, but what about the baked beans, Nutella, and lone can of coconut milk?

Don't go to Gourmet if you're looking for a wide assortment of foreign goods, but do go if you want the best brownies in Seoul. Of course, if anyone wants to prove me otherwise, I am more than happy to taste any challengers to the title.

So where's the picture of this delicious brownie I ate? Well, sometimes I get so excited to try desserts that I tell myself I'll take a picture after the first bite. But if that first bite is gooey and rich and merely whets my appetite for more...well, I apologize.


  1. Hi
    I am extremely disappointed that there is no picture of the brownie.

  2. Fair comment. In my defense, even the most delicious brownies look...well, square and brown. However, I promise I will make it my mission to go back this weekend and get a picture this time. Fortunately, I was planning on doing that anyway.